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Meet Sydney Brown!

Sydney Brown is an international speaker, author and trainer who works with people to figure out their own patterns that keep them from pushing toward their goals. She empowers them to recognize they can fulfill their dreams and still be a great supporting character in others’ lives. She promotes a DIY approach and helps guide people through their own journey. Sydney focuses on the whole person so once they can think differently, they can act differently. 

Sydney Brown started “The Great Ascension,” a program that helps people improve their lives by increasing their skills, enabling them to get better paying jobs — or even start home-based businesses. She can be found in most social media at @JustSydneyBrown.

Here's what Sydney has written!

*Kindle Vella is only available in the US.

Coming soon!

Life Skills for Teens, Pre-Flights and NEETs

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sign Up for a 5K

Am I Ready to Move Out on My Own?


Jobs Near Me: Crushing the Age-Old Dilemma of Job, Career, or Starting a Business


How to Start a Business: Creating a Business Plan and Marketing Your Business

All In or Nothing

Kindle Vella series*

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Join a Network Marketing/MLM/Direct Sales Company

I Made That! How to Make Money Making Personalized Stuff!

Second Edition

H.E.R Story


SHIFT TIMES 12 Issue Bundle

Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude


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